Critical by Tanis Browning-Shelp


Critical by Tanis Browning-Shelp


Now with Canada Cup racing experience under her belt, rising star mountain biker Maryn O’Brien plots how to pedal her way to the top, even mapping out her critical path to the Olympics! The teenager believes she’s got it all figured out—that is, until she doesn’t.

Maryn is knocked sideways when a close family member receives a frightening diagnosis. As the O’Briens rally to deal with the life-changing situation, Maryn’s Olympic dreams are threatened like never before. Her relationships take a hit, too, as she tries to stay true to the O’Brien pledge to keep things a secret. 

Will this mean the end of her life-long Olympic dream…and does it even matter anymore?

 Pick of the Litter - YA Fiction

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  • 200 pages

  • ISBN 978-1-7753525-3-2

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